Murder Mysteries, Theatre and Cosplay

Deadwood Productions

2465 Westwood Street,   Muskegon MI 49441

How to book a private performance for your group...

Would you like to host a private mystery performance for your group at your own location?  It's easy!

Shows can be CUSTOM DESIGNED for your group!  We will ask you questions about your group and then prepare an original script for your performance.  You can volunteer your clients, friends and/or co-workers to be suspects, or we can select guests at random.  We will have them join our group of professional actors as they bring to you a host of zany characters who will both help and hinder you in your attempt to solve the crime.  

To learn more and/or to book an event, simply send us a message via the "Contact Us" portion of this website.  We will reply as soon as possible.

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