Murder Mysteries, Theatre and Cosplay

Deadwood Productions

2465 Westwood Street,   Muskegon MI 49441

Deadwood Productions - Interactive Mysteries

   Have you always 

    wanted to be a 

     detective and 

   help solve crimes?

 Now is your chance!

Deadwood Productions provides humorous and fun Interactive Mysteries.  All scripts are original and can be developed especially for your group.  

Audience members are involved both in questioning suspects and solving the case.      YOU may even be a suspect!!!!

Meet our Lead Detective who will briefly outline the details of the crime for you and introduce you to the suspects.  Plan your strategy, question the suspects and try to put two and two together.  The clues are there, but are you clever enough to solve the case?  And be careful ... the murder count could rise! Remember, everyone could be guilty ... even you! 

Dust off your magnifying glass, pull your detective hat out of the moth balls and join us for an event to remember!  

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Guests meet our Lead Detective and learn details of the crime. Suspects (some played by guests) are introduced through reenactments of events which took place prior to the crime.

Guests are actively involved in the crime solving process!  You see, it's your job to determine "Who Dun It?"  Guests have the opportunity to question the suspects in hopes of discovering clues which will help them solve the mystery.  In the end, guests learn who is guilty.  

Mystery, adventure, comedy, intrigue, a host of wild and zany characters, fun and excitement! 


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